I posted a few weeks ago about how to make Beer Clay, which actually yeilds really fantastic results due to the fermentation caused by the beer. Anytime you put something into your clay that will ferment, you’re going to get a lot of mold, which smells atrocious, but is awesome for the clay body!

Well, as it turns out, there are more unusual items to throw into your clay mixer than just beer.  You can also use yogurt or urine.  Yup, you can take a piss in your clay and it will actually improve the plasticity.  I have not made urine clay, or yogurt clay (honestly I find the concept of “yogurt clay” to be every bit as foul as urine clay.  And at least pee clay would make a good anecdote.).

So, you guys should try it! Add a few cups of yogurt to your clay, or a few cups of your urine if you want to really “make it your own” (if you will).


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