“Here’s to alcohol, the cause and solution to all of life’s problems!” — Homer Simpson

So, I have posted a few times about using beer to improve the quality of your clay. The only problem that I have is figuring out a use for the left over, skunked beer. For clay, I don’t usually buy good beer because I’m cheap.  I have about six bottles that I ended up not needing for the clay.

Long story short, I have extra beer that won’t be any good to drink, so I hunted for some uses for it.

1.) Use it to control pests! If you have ants, bees, flies, mice or other annoying wildlife in your home, you can make a trap with beer.  Apparently vermin like to drink as much as humans do.

2.) Make a shampoo or conditioner:

For shampoo, mix one bottle of beer with an egg.  It will lather up just like a chemical shampoo (though it might not smell as good) and help rehydrate damaged hair.

For conditioner, just use the beer.  Pour it over your hair and let it dry completely before rinsing.

I won’t be trying this one myself, but I thought it was interesting.

3.) Polish wood with it! When beer is flat and stale it makes an excellent non-chemical wood polish.  Just pour some on a rag and get to it.

4.) Take a bath in it! Apparently pouring a bottle of beer into your bath does essentially the same thing as adding salt to your bath.  It softens the water and is good for your skin. Again, I’m probably not going to do this one.

5.) Just man up and drink it! It’s not gonna hurt you.  You paid for it already, so what if it’s a little old, low quality, skunked and unpleasant? It’ll still get the job done right? Just hold your nose and chug chug chug!


2 thoughts on “Old Beer Uses

  1. Beer for slugs is great but bees are beneficial insects, and on the decline due to habitat loss. Think twice about drowning them.
    Having tried beery hair rinse, it makes for AMAZING shine, and yes when you rinse it out a few minutes later the smell goes away ;p

    Flat beer can also be made into great soaps (if you are a soapmaker). What is more manly than beer soap?

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