Kevin Gen. 2 got too hot too fast.  I candled him for 24 hours, but he still wasn’t dry enough.  Here are the remains.  I have to figure out a way to install him in the 840 show anyway on Wednesday.  Pictures of that will be posted as well.  This is highly disappointing.

Oh well.  Not much I can do about it now.


5 thoughts on “Ruins.

  1. it IS so sad. it know you probably dont agree but i think this makes him even more interesting. art isnt always about how perfect something turns out–it can be about communicating feeling to your viewer and this piece definitely makes you FEEL much more than if he were shiny and whole. he its kind of like an analogy to a lot of humans i know—-self included.

  2. Austin – I love how everyone felt so personally attached to this piece. Maybe because I gave him a human name.

    Heather – Thank you for the art-jargon (spelling?) bullshit. I’m gonna have to talk like that when I put him in the gallery.

  3. That must be so frustrating to see your baby die like that. Poor Kevin! My mom makes clay art (? I’m guessing that’s not how you call it) as well, she would really like your work. I’ll show her some photo’s so she can tell the whole clan of clay-ish people in Antwerp how amazing your work is, so you can at least be famous over here! You’re welcome.

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