Stage 2 Cauliflower Fatty with an Aggressive Skin Disorder

Here is the next sculpture in the series I have been working on.  Not much different from the last one, just larger and more interesting.  After this peice I think I’m going to make one with a net or hay bail wire around it (you can fire that) so that it has a feeling of the flesh being contained.  Also, Stage 1 is in the kiln right now, so pictures of the glaze will be posted soon!


Kevin Gen. 2

I’ve been working on Kevin Gen. 2 for about 7 days now.  Hopefully I can finish building him this afternoon.  Scratch that, I have to finish building him this afternoon.

Here he is, nearly build, but before any riveting was added.

And here he is now.  You can see that I’ve started adding the rivet strips.


So, that’s where I’m at.  He will weigh about 80lbs after being fired (I think) which is a sharp contrast to Kevin Gen. 1 who was about 250 after firing.  This guy has no internal structure whatsoever, I’ve just been slipping and scoring the hell out of slabs as I build him. Also he’s made of Raku clay with 25lbs of grog to 100 lbs of clay, which is much stronger than the stoneware I used before.

SHAMELESS SELF PLUG:  My studio will have a show in the 840 Gallery in the DAAP building on UC’s campus that everyone should attend. There should be some pretty interesting work in it, and of course Kevin Gen. 2 will be there, so you can come see him in person. Everyone has only had 3 weeks to complete whatever is going into the show, which is pretty impressive.  The opening is on the 19th of October, and there should be some “refreshments”.  Not sure yet if there will be beer and wine, but it’s a possibility.  Attend!

Illustrated Dishes.

So, as promised, I took some pictures of my new stuff on it’s way into the kiln.  I know it’s not that exciting.  It’s not big, it’s not very crazy, and it’s potter which isn’t very interesting.  BUT before I devalue myself too much, I will say that I think the illustrations are fun.  I think they kind of look like little block prints inside the dishes.

Sorry about the darkness of that last image (above). It was already in the kiln when I remembered to take a picture.

My stuff from the last few days about to be bisque fired.

Hopefully the underglaze makes it through the firing well, it’s not very thick, but I think it’ll survive.  They should be out and ready to glaze by friday morning.

Special thanks to my friend and studio-mate Jessie Rienerth for letting me use her camera because I’m a jackass and forgot mine as always.  She’s making some really incredible work right now.  It’s not up on her blog yet but everyone should check her out anyway by clicking HERE.

My-Size Monster Update.

I posted a sketch and a small explaination of the giant ceramic creature I am currently building.  I’ve been working for two weeks and he/she/it is finally almost all the way built.  It’s been a slow process because the internal structure is a system of arches that supports the weight and curvature of the form.

I still have to add all of the details, and finish the top, but it’s getting close to the fun part! I should be ready to put the rivets and machine-parts on soon.  They will run all along the belly and bulbous back like rivets on an old fashion diving suit.

I will post more in process images soon, as well as my glaze tests for it.