Stage 2 Cauliflower Fatty with an Aggressive Skin Disorder

Here is the next sculpture in the series I have been working on.  Not much different from the last one, just larger and more interesting.  After this peice I think I’m going to make one with a net or hay bail wire around it (you can fire that) so that it has a feeling of the flesh being contained.  Also, Stage 1 is in the kiln right now, so pictures of the glaze will be posted soon!


Stage 1 Cauliflower Fatty With A Skin Disorder (Working Title)

After yet another firing failure with the last piece I posted about, I decided to make a mold of the same type of form in order to make multiples.  I was thinking that this would help me overcome the failure rate, which as of late has been 100%.  However, I soon realized that if I had a 3 peice press mold of the form, I could assemble it in any combination I want.

So, the idea now is to create a series of “growing” forms.  Each form will have more rolls and bubbling fat than the last form.

Stage 1: (From various angles)

Texture Close ups:


One of the press molds:

Sorry for the excess of photos, but I thought for the sake of entertainment value, I’d share a picture of what my studio space looks like. I’m officially a crazy hoarder.

You can see on the lower left, under my desk, the ruins of Kevin Gen. 2 (in the back) and the Fat torso sculpture (front).

If anyone lasted through this whole post, thank you.