New Tiles in Process

These are my three most recent tiles.  They are at different stages, so we’ll see how they all turn out.

The tile above has been fired twice, bisque and cone 6 glaze, and is now waiting to be fired at a low temperature so that the decals can melt into the glaze surface.  The decals are the black line drawings. The process is pretty cool because they work sort of like temporary tattoos (in the way that you apply them to the clay) and then because there is iron in the ink, they turn red when fired.

This tile has not been fired at all yet, I carved the drawing in and inlayed the underglaze.

This one hasn’t been fired either. It’s kind of hard to see but I used a needle tool to poke through the lines on my drawing, making it appear on the clay.  Not sure what I’m doing next with this one though.