Illustrated Dishes.

So, as promised, I took some pictures of my new stuff on it’s way into the kiln.  I know it’s not that exciting.  It’s not big, it’s not very crazy, and it’s potter which isn’t very interesting.  BUT before I devalue myself too much, I will say that I think the illustrations are fun.  I think they kind of look like little block prints inside the dishes.

Sorry about the darkness of that last image (above). It was already in the kiln when I remembered to take a picture.

My stuff from the last few days about to be bisque fired.

Hopefully the underglaze makes it through the firing well, it’s not very thick, but I think it’ll survive.  They should be out and ready to glaze by friday morning.

Special thanks to my friend and studio-mate Jessie Rienerth for letting me use her camera because I’m a jackass and forgot mine as always.  She’s making some really incredible work right now.  It’s not up on her blog yet but everyone should check her out anyway by clicking HERE.